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Getting 5 star reviews - 8 things your property should have

There are obvious items such as towels, soap and fire extinguishers that pertain to basic necessities of a local accommodation. But in this article we will focus on the kind of features that will make your real state standout, making a guest feel welcomed and, of course, making the guest give better reviews that end up making your property more lucrative.


1 – Power strips and adaptors

It may seem like a simple addition, but we shouldn’t underestimate its power. Nowadays the access to energy is essential given that every traveler takes laptops, tablets and smartphones along for the ride.

You don’t want your guests fighting over the access to a plug do you? Also, many tourists forget to take adaptors for the plugs that are the norm in Portugal, making every guest feel relieved when they find out that they came to a property that thought about that for them.


2 – Taking the little ones into consideration

If you want a competitive advantage, make your property more attractive to the growing number of guests that travel with babies and small children. For them, it’s easy to forget some essential necessities when leaving home for the holidays.

Toys, children books, plastic cutlery, high-chair, children-proof plugs and a baby bathtub are some of the items that your property can feature and that will make all the difference.


3 – Consider also the furry little ones

Many guests would like to take their pets with them. However, most places in Portugal do not allow the presence of animals.

If that’s not a problem for you, making your property explicitly pet-friendly inside the digital platform will give you a great competitive advantage. And why not even create a small space inside your home dedicated for the pets themselves?

4 – Invest in indoor entertainment

As a rule, travelers seek to get to know as much as possible of the city in which they’re taking their vacation. But what about those nights where they’re feeling exhausted, the rainy days or even those mornings where people just feel lazy?

Make your home more welcoming by having some tabletop games, books and magazines and, why not, a TV that has a streaming service like Netflix installed.


5 – A warm welcome

There’s nothing as refreshing or exciting after a long travel than arriving at a home on a distant city that has a small sample of everything you’re about to discover.

Make a good first impression of your home and of the city with a Welcome Kit filled with local products, foods and beverages.


6 – Art

A property destined for local accommodation should be functional, but it should also be esthetically pleasing.

Invest on some paintings, sculptures and design pieces that complement you place’s mood. If they’re from local artists, even better.


7 – A sound system

For many, music is as much of a basic necessity as any other. Invest in a sound system that allows your guests to hear some of their favorite music.

This can go from something as simple as a speaker with Bluetooth so guests can connect their smartphones, to an irresistible record player and a small but carefully selected vinyl collection.


8 – A host that’s always available

Nothing stresses out guests like being inside a foreign home in a foreign city and being unable to get a quick and effective response to their doubts, needs and demands. That’s why Home With a View has a 24hour concierge service that accompanies your property during every hour of each day. Make it our problem by giving us the management of your short-term rental. We have professional that will leave everyone happy.

We deal with the decoration for you.

Home with a view has a team of interior designers ready to redecorate your home in time to receive your guests. Increase the possibilities of booking your property with a unique and renovated space.


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