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Legislation for local accomodations in Portugal in 2018 – the essential for airbnb and booking beginners

Registering your property as a local accommodation has numberless benefits but if you do it outside the current law, the risks are equal in number and involve enormous fines. With the new local accommodation legislation being enforced by 2018, the rules became even stricter in Portugal and that’s why we share with you some of the most important ones.

Read them carefully or, better yet, make it our problem and don’t worry about a thing.


Make sure that your property isn’t on a fully booked containment zone.

Not so much a rule to follow but rather something you should check so you don’t lose your time.

As to “preserve the social reality of neighborhoods and places”, the city councils can now impose limits on the number of local accommodations allowed in each geographic zone of the city.

In other words, according to the new law, the city council can obstruct the creation of new local accommodations in zones denominated as “containment areas”. After these are established, they will only be reevaluated on a two-year basis.

Some containment areas have already been set for Lisbon and they, to the date, encompass:

Alfama, Mouraria, Castelo, Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Bica, Madragoa and part of Graça.

On Oporto and the rest of the country these areas are still under evaluation.


Multi-risk insurance is mandatory

The owner of a local accommodation is now required to have a multi-risk insurance for damages made on a residential building’s common areas, becoming responsible for any damage that results from the presence of guests.

The absence of a multi-risk insurance is valid grounds for the immediate termination of a local accommodation’s registration.

Create a multilingual information book

There should be on your property a physical document that contains every rule pertaining use of the building as well as public regulations like the gathering and selection of urban residues and the restrictions of noise creation.

This document should also include the regulations of the condominium, if applicable, as well as the phone number of the person responsible for exploring the property.

Portuguese and English are the obligatory languages that this document should include, as well as two other languages left to the owners’ judgement.

If you’re having problems creating this document by yourself, you can count with Home With a View. We have templates available on our site so it’s easier for you.


Identity plates are also mandatory

Since the new law came out, it’s mandatory to install identity plates by the entrance of the local accommodation. This plate obeys a specific standard model and can be acquired at AHRESP’s Balcão Único Empresarial.

Find every Balcão Único Empresarial here.


You have 10 days to convey the termination of activity

If you want to stop exploring your real state as a local accommodation, you should do it within a 10 day period through the online platform of Balcão Único Empresarial: the Balcão Único Electrónico.

The same timetable must be met regarding the cancellation of the local accommodation within the several digital platforms where the property is advertised.


And many more rules

To get to know every rule on Portugal’s local accommodations, you can read the whole thing on Diário da República. Or, you can talk with Home With a View. Get started and we’ll take care of everything.

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