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Local accommodations – 5 tips to make your property more appealing

The popularity of short-term rentals in Portugal has grown exponentially and, with it, the competition between properties to get higher and more profitable occupation rates. With so many people renting their houses short-term, how can you boost your rental income?

At Home With a View, we specialize in managing local accommodations and we guarantee a occupation rate of 90% with an average X?ove those who rent by their own. So there’s no need to worry: we’ll share with you some tips on how to make your real state standout inside a digital platform like AirBnB or Booking.


1 – Do not write a generic title

The title of your property on the platform is the first thing that a potential guest will see. Yours and dozens of others within the same area.

That’s why mainly descriptive titles like “Apartment located downtown” don’t stand out or say anything new to a guest that, as a rule, will already be looking for places to stay precisely on that part of the city.

Think of what type of person you property is more appealing to. If for example we’re talking about young foreign tourists, a title like “At the center of Lisbon’s nightlife” will not only get to the heart of what type of experience they’re looking at, but will also lure their imagination and desire.


2 – A fair and competitive rate

It’s only natural that you want to value your house or apartment. After all, it’s a property that’s dear to you and it’s exactly to value it that you’re even renting it in the first place. But there are many elements to factor in when you’re setting the price per night as to guarantee that you have higher occupation rates and a larger long term profit yield.

Go on several of the available digital platforms and check out the area where your property resides. What’s the fee of most of the properties similar to your own? Are there a lot of competing smaller properties with extremely lower fees? Does your property offer something that no other does?

If you never took these factors into consideration, you should know that guests do. And if they’re not interested in paying what you’re asking for your real state, that will negatively impact its ranking on the platform in which you’re advertising.

3 – Stay away from power plugs and cables

After location and pricing, the photos of your property are the main factor that will weight on potential guest. That’s why we excel in creating a professional photo book that makes your place as appealing as possible.

However, it’s hard to make things like power plugs and cables appealing. They always give homes a “messy” and ugly look. It may seem like a small detail, but think about it: when was the last time that you saw an attractive apartment that featured the house’s electric equipment?

If it’s not possible to stay away from them when taking photos, we recommend that you invest in electric cable covers and hide objects like power strips.


4 – A clean and minimalist look

It’s normal to want to keep some personal items on your property, even more so if you also want to stay in it during some times of the year. However, it’s essential to exert some moderation.

If you use your local accommodation as a storage space for your belongings, you’ll risk creating little to no harmony between the furniture and the decor, giving your home a messy and unwelcoming look.

But there’s no need to take it too far. Your property can’t become empty of valuable daily use objects. Simply try to distinguish between what you would like to have if you were traveling somewhere and what is just “noise”.


5 – Make it our problem

There are lots of things you need to think about to guarantee that your real state gives you as much return as possible. That’s precisely why many people resort to the services of companies that manage short-term rentals with a wide array of activities that allow making the property extremely competitive without having to make the owner work for it, balancing the uncountable number of things that it takes to create a dream accommodation.

Let Home With a View manage your property and you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

We deal with the decoration for you.

Home with a view has a team of interior designers ready to redecorate your home in time to receive your guests. Increase the possibilities of booking your property with a unique and renovated space.

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