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Local accommodations management: a job not so easy.

During the last few years many Portuguese owners of apartments and houses have discovered the opportunity of making some money from their properties by renting them for short and medium seasons. An option that has become more profitable with the popularization of Portugal as a tourist destination and immigration. However, the work of hosting people is more stressful than it seems and involves numerous processes and care that peope usually don't think when they enter this business.

According to a study from Turismo de Portugal website from the beginning of 2019, there are an average of 7 owners giving up this bussiness every day due to issues related to total availability, stress, careless guests, claims and other "hassles" that this routine involves. Another crucial point in the host vs. guest relationship is the reviews. This appraisal text has now become a weapon that customers have, sometimes against others in favor of companies, who subject themselves to extreme circumstances to achieve high marks and a good reputation.

Inspired by Carlos Torres's chronicle for the Sábado Magazine "Bastidores" column, we from Home With a View, as local accomodation experts, decided to discuss more about the topic and present some of the negative points of managing real estate and receiving people because it's not as easy as it seems.

24/7 availability 

Unlike the vast majority of traditional jobs, which meet the trivial workload of 8 hours a day, usually understood during the day and afternoon, local accomodation management work encompasses tasks that often have no scheduled time. Check-ins during the early morning hours, a broken shower on a Saturday monday, a weak Wi-Fi signal in a beautiful Sunday afternoon are some of the classic situations in this business, and being there promptly to solve them is the role of a good host.



The tourist who has just arrived in the city expects his host not only technical support with questions related to the room or apartment, but also help and tips from good restaurants, which documents to take, which bus to take to the beach, among other advices. On the other hand, this support is often confused with babysitting demanding too much attention towards the guest.


Careless guests

At the time of delivery of the keys to visitors, in addition to the property you are giving them the care of your property. which sometimes they do not. In the article written by Carlos Torres he reports that one of the biggest complaints of the former operators of Local Accommodation are the traces left by sloppy guests, or rather destroyers. Stories involving pierced walls, broken beds, lost keys (the most commonplace), burned books and other disasters are unfortunately commonplace in the day-to-day business.


Like any job, to manage local accommodation has its challenges, which can be daunting for some and for others can be seen as opportunities. This is the case with Home With a View .. We offer an excellent experience not only for visitors, but also for the owners, who need not worry about the management of their property. We have professionals working daily and a range of services that transform an often stressful experience in pleasant and more profitable.

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